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Single session: $75

Pre-paid Packages

3 sessions: ————————–  $200
6 sessions: ————————–  $375
9 sessions: ————————–  $525
12 sessions: ————————-  $725

Pre-paid plans provide great savings and flexibility.  You can use/schedule the sessions whenever you want. Once a week, once every 2 weeks, once a month or in any other way you want. How or when you use your pre-paid sessions is completely up to you.  If you feel that you need additional support in any given week you can book an additional session that week, or combine 2 sessions in a single day for an extended power session.

Note: Sessions last approximately 30-40 min.

Even with a pre-paid plan you can choose to terminate the coaching relationship at any time; any unused portion of the pre-paid fees will be promptly refunded.

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